WE are the short term VACATION REntal specialists

if you're looking to compete with the hotels, you need to operate like one.



Here's what we're about ..

We are a team of professionals with hospitality, property management & marketing background. Our specialty is short term/nightly rentals mainly focusing on the smaller more intimate rentals but we do manage a number of long term properties as well.
We believe that in a town with such high demand for vacation rentals you need to set yourself above the rest. Waiting for bookings to come in during peak seasons will work but when the season slows down you need to use modern marketing techniques to keep that steady business.
Building custom welcome-books and welcome gifts are small items your guests will cherish. Making memories and building trust and relationships with guests is why owner direct bookings can be so beneficial to your business.
Those are just a few steps to maximizing revenue potential, if you'd like to know more contact us to schedule an appointment.

"I originally met Brendon and Allira in 2017 through a mutual friend. Brendon met with us and went over a few ways to reduce cleaning costs and make the unit easier to manage. I was very pleased with the options and quotes they provided me. I've now been working with them for over 3 years and could not be happier!"

Gina Kolibash

"Brendon takes care 11 of my properties in Whistler. He's well organized and great at managing long-term & short term rentals for me."

Krystal Stephens

"I was hesitant about taking bookings outside of the Airbnb channels but it's been a great way to get longer stays with amazing guests. I wouldn't have considering it with Brendons advice. "

Susan Alexander

I don't know much about social media or digital advertising but it seems to work. I've gotten more consistent bookings these past 11 months then I have in three years. Great team to work with.

Mildred Oster


We're a little different than your average bear,


property management

We offer a wide variety of daily property services. We specialize in rentals that want the most revenue in the peak seasons.



There are thousands of vacation properties in Whistler. What are you doing to market yours above the rest ? 



It's easy to make money in the peak seasons. How do you keep consistent earnings during the slower periods ? 



We can get you where you need to be


Guest checkin can be difficult sometimes, we're always around to make it as smooth as possible.


We specialize in short term nightly cleaning. If you qualify we can get the job done.

repairs & maintenance

No job is too small. From internet services to small repairs. If we can't do it, we will someone locally who can.


Do you live out of town and need someone to care for your condo, home or building. Our experienced team available.


We are where you need us to be

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WE are the VACATION REntal specialists

There's more than one route to profitable home-ownership, what route are you taking?